Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wiring! Go-Karts!! & Mall!!

On the 24th, it was a long day of working on the toys and cars for the children with disabilities. Our team has the hardest job because our little guy was way too big for the Lightning McQueen cars. We were given a car with WAY too complex wiring. Our teacher, Amanda, told us that the best thing to do was to put the potentiometer next to the battery so that it allowed for backwards capability. The potentiometer does not allow reverse current so the problem we faced was that the battery wasn't able to charge. The entire day was spent trying to figure out the wiring problem with the help out teacher, Amanda. We were on trial and error mode from after breakfast until lunch and from lunch to before my yoga arĂȘte. We finally found out what to do.......only that is was about 5 min before we had to clean up to leave. I was really disappointed, but at least we know what we are going to do when we get back on Monday. 

I had the last day of ArĂȘte class which was yoga. I was so happy because I wasn’t enjoying the class for my inability to bend like the other students. The last day of yoga was actually more interesting because I got to sit for a long time which I was actually pretty bad. 

There was Open Mic night which I was going to perform in, but I was never called up. I went to the game room for the longest time as I could. I played monopoly and a trivia game as long as we were allowed down in the lobby and had many mock-tails (cocktails without alcohol) for fun.

Our class got owned in a sporting match against people in wheelchairs. We tried out how it was to play against them and it is pretty difficult. The maneuverability is way better in a wheelchair designed for sports and it was way easier on the arms.

Students were able to decide to go rock-climbing, skating, or mini-golfing. I have not gone to any of the 3 before so I went mini-golfing and lucked out because we, the mini-golfers had the chance to go go-karting. I had such a blast. I was in the last group to go and my friend, Mohammed, goes in the car in front of me and I got in the fastest car. We raced off, and on the first lap, Mo, went ahead and made me spin out. I had to wait until I was moved back because it does not have reverse capabilities.  I’m off and this girl makes herself spin out in front of me and I move away and start tail gating people and not I’m right behind Mo and I yell out, “Guess whose back." He was so scared because he knew it’s easy to make people spin out so he's yelling sorry and backs away and I pass him. It was AMAZING!!!

Mom came to pick us up today in the morning and we went to the Row which had a breakfast that tasted pretty bad for me. I really didn't like it. The sauce I had with my food was just tasted really badly. I was really excited because we were going to head to the mall and I was going to go bowling for the first time. I’ve never had the chance to go nor anyone to go with. I tried going once when I was in California, but it was full so we went back home without trying.

THE BALLS!!!!!!!
We went to the mall and my group and I decided to go bowling, which I had never done, so I was happy, but it turns out the proctor bails on us so we had no idea where else to go, so we basically spent 3 hours just dilly-dallying and walking around with no goal. On the upside, we bought some balls that splat on the floor because they are made of silicon and water which was busted open over our proctor’s head before we went back into the buses.

Arcade Where The Bowling Ally Was

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