Thursday, July 7, 2016

College, Soda, and Fishies

Vanderbilt Cohort
Today we all woke up and were down stairs at around 7:30 and we headed to Emory College for a presentation and tour of the campus. Before heading in, we ate at Starbucks a little something. We were met by Ally Paauwe who gave us an info session. Our cohort took up the 5 front seats so we could really pay attention.  Turns out Emory University came from Oxford University after a generous donation by Robert W, Woodruff, co-CEO of Coke-Cola of 70 acres of land, 100 stock  of diet Coke-Cola as soon as it was invented, and  $105 million dollars. Since I want to be an engineer, I was really interested in the dual-degree with Georgia Tech with engineering.

Maddie and I
Me Posing as Dooley
After the info session with Ally, we were divided into 3 groups  because that is how we were going to go tour the campus. Our tour guide was Maddie Clifton. She started by letting all the students say their name, where they're from, and what major each person think of doing. The tour started off by showing us the quad, the heart of the campus because that is where most events happen. While we were walking she asked us a question, "Who gave the money to move the college?" after which she said that 95% of the answers were Coca-Cola and we all laughed. She was a really fun guide. We later went to the front circle right in front of the Howard Dobbs University Center where the acoustics are incredible. There are little mini-competitions between all the preforming groups and all the student go see it every Friday. Maddie then showed us the main library that has 9 stories that all range in noise level for studying. The bottom floor might as well be a rave, but there is a story that is like a scene out of Harry Potter, and is Maddie's favorite place to study. She also told us, "You DON'T study Friday and Saturday night, you go out and live life." The way Chemistry is taught is no longer  lecture, but a discussion and the tables are whiteboard for that purpose. She showed us the unofficial mascot , and the heart and soul of the students. So much that about 40 years after his first appearance, an entire week is dedicated to him, Dooley. He is known as the ruler of mischief  and has the power to let students out of class by asking the professor a question and answering wrong. For example a question like, how many bricks are in the quad? and other specific questions like that.

After the tour we went to eat across the street were we saw Maddie again so we greeted her. I had the grilled chicken marinara, which was delicious.

We headed to the Centennial Park to which I went to the World of Coca-Cola that was not very amusing, but hey "free" soda I guess.

After the Coke, we went to the museum and we had to rush through all the exhibits because our mentor had some things to take care of, but we got to see most of everything in the aquarium.
I Met Romance

How I Wish My Life Was

Finally we went to eat at an Italian restaurant down the street and everyone had pasta in some shape or form.
Cohort With the Owner

On the way home we noticed something had happened because there were about 4-5 police cars blocking the main street and there was absolutely no one even making noise, just us 5 walking to the hotel.

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