Monday, July 25, 2016

A Vrooming Finish

We finished our car today!! I was so happy and proud that we had finished our car. The only thing
Our finished car's side view!
we need to do now is make a more exact support system for Will when he sits in the car. It's important that he sits upright and keeps his head up so that he can build more muscles and continue sitting up straight in the future. We will do this on Thursday with the help of professional occupational therapists so that nothing can go wrong. 

We then wrote a small instruction manual on how we modified our car, and what changes the parent can possibly make in the future. Now that my team and I had free time, we started modifying other toys. I decided to change a toy teapot, and move the small button to a big red one on the outside. It turned out a bit harder than I thought, especially with the many parts in the
This is halfway of how much we had to take apart
teapot, and the tiny wiring inside it. I finally found the button, and then Laura joined me to help with the toy. We had to cut these tiny wires from the button, and connect them to longer strips of wires, and then connect that to the huge button. It was pretty stressful, since the wire was so tiny and we didn't want to cut the whole wire instead of only taking the plastic coating off. 

Afterwards, we had a small experiment where we measured the length of how much a rubber band stretches as weights are added onto it. We learned about stress and strain, found the values of each instance when weights were hung onto the rubber band, and graphed stress vs. strain graphs. We learned more infromation about them, and also that this is the basic in mechanical engineering. It helped me confirm my plan of not
So you could see how small the wires were
pursuing mechanical engineering in the future, actually. It just didn't seem to be as interesting to me, and I found the lecture on circuits better than this. 

After class, we had free time. During this, there were panels where you could ask VSA staff about their academics and extracurriculars in college. It was fun talking to them, and I ended up staying there for the 2 hours. After dinner, we had soft time, and I went with a group of friends to Mellow Mushrooms to eat some pizza. We had a lot of fun and came back to attend the daily proctor group meetings. We had a little more of free time after that where I hung out with friends more, and then went to bed. 
About half of the group at Mellow Mushrooms

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  1. The most interesting part of this blog, Jahnvi, is that this course has made you question your future and told us about you reaching out to learn more about the schools and how students at the school are thinking.

    Sitting here at a Richmond City Council meeting--starving near to death--this is one of those time when I'd really have loved to have seen a photo of your pizza.