Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bones and Jello

Today wasn't very eventful for some odd reason. In class, we continued the Jello experiment, and
Jello tester
our Jello was very weak. It got squished the minute we clamped it to test the tensile strength, or basically how much it can be pulled before breaking. Then, we tested the strength of chicken bones. I felt so bad for the chicken as my group member pulled the muscles off the bone. 

After class, we had free time, and I hung out with friends. Then we had our usual schedule of dinner and soft night. Today, I went out to a clothing store,  that was supposed to be cheap, with friends. That didn't work out as expected and so we returned back to our dorms. 

Tomorrow, however, I know will be a very eventful day. It just has to be.

Compression machine testing chicken bone

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