Sunday, July 24, 2016

From Beignets to Forever 21

I woke up at 8:53 today. And I had to be downstairs to meet Mom at 9. I quickly got ready, and
Proctor group after shopping
walked out looking pretty decent, surprisingly. The cohort members and Mom were reunited, and we went to a restaurant called The Rows where we got to eat tasty beignets. They were soo delicious!

After eating our brunch, we got back to the dorms just in time for lunch. We didn't even have room to fit salads in our stomachs. After lunch, we all went to the mall. We were given a bit less than three hours, so I had to rush. I wanted to find the cheapest clothing that looked cute, AND could fit me. That was pretty hard to find, but I ended up buying two warm full-sleeve tops for 7 dollars total at Forever 21. 
"AWESOME: Example: See above kid."
After the mall, we had some free time, and I spent time with friends in the basement. Then we had dinner, and the saddest thing happened: they ran out of vegan burgers. I ended up getting a cheese pizza instead. After dinner, we had more free time, and they played The Great Gatsby. I ended up watching it, because I had never watched it before and heard that it was an amazing movie. Honestly, I don't know how I managed to get out of that room without a tear drop rolling down my face, but I did. 

We had a proctor group meeting, and Taylor did my nails, which look gorgeous right now. In fact, I'm having fun looking at my nails as I type this blog at the moment. We ended the meeting on a fun note, and crashed to bed. 

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  1. So your trip to Nashville is a success--two shirts for only seven bucks. What a steal.