Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Time is Near

Departure time is just around the corner for us. I feel our adventure is going to be awesome! Meeting so many people and making so many new friends, I bet we’ll all have a blast. I help but feel this experience will make us all better, and we will be able to have a taste of what is to come.

A recurring color for me
I thought packing was going be a big huge hassle so I started packing on Sunday. Well, turns out you don’t need much time only a few hours instead of the couple of days that I thought I needed. There are things I still haven’t put in that I still need, but other than that, I think I’m golden. Although, my luggage does have a rather simple pallet.

I have said good-bye to the part of my family that doesn't live with me, (my mom, brother, and mom's partner) because I live with my father and stepmom.

I really feel great about this trip where I will be able to do so much and learn that way I can help others. Although it's only for a month, this is how it will be for next year. I can't depend on anyone but myself to push me. I am thankful for all support I get now, but i also need to learn to do things on my own. That's life, so we should all get used to it. Now I kind of have to get some shut eye, I hope I'm next to someone really interesting to talk to on the plane. Can't wait!!! I should probably get something ready to eat too. Man.....Don’s suggestions sure are helpful. I wonder how the rest of my cohort is doing.


  1. Nice! I can really get a sense of what's on your mind. Have fun!

  2. Nice! I can really get a sense of what's on your mind. Have fun!