Saturday, July 30, 2016

Coming to an End

We had a wonderful time at VSA. The final ceremony right before the dance hit a lot of us right in the heart. With the 3 main representatives speeches came crashing a waterfall of tears from all the students. We watched a small video, a compilation of photos at VSA. Everyone had forced laughter, with something in their throats, trying not to show the pain they felt. I wonder if I’m the only one who noticed. As we were dismissed, some laughing and some crying, everything felt flat. There was a halt in the emotions that usually surrounded everyone's face because we knew it was our last day we would each least for a while.

We all went to the dance, and some people showed off moves they never knew they had (me). Party Rock got the dance started and virtually everyone danced their feet away. I know I did.

After the dance we went to our dorms for our final rest before leaving home.

The morning came and I woke up early to send people off that had an early flight. After that, those who stayed went to eat breakfast and then went to pack. Before I noticed, it was time to go. I said my goodbyes and left.......with valuable memories.

We went to the airport and ended up at our gate about an hour before boarding, so we walked around a bit. When we got back to our gate, I talked with a wonderful woman named Daisy from Puerto Rico. She and her husband, a veteran, were going back home to Atlanta after her nephew's wedding. After people started boarding it turns out that our luggage had to be checked to our destination because they ran out of overhead compartment space. After we landed we made our connecting flight to San Francisco, we couldn't find our luggage. As luck has it, we were in the wrong building. We found our way to our luggage and to the shuttle. The trip from the airport to school was fun, we were able to express ourselves to each other in both good and bad ways. We finally arrived at El Cerrito High school and we met our parents and Don. We wanted to go to the movies but couldn't and then we all went home.

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