Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Waterfall.....of Blood

Today there was another lab in class about compression and extension on bones. I didn't get to participate because I was finishing up the car for our group. I finished without disruption and the car turned out very well. Ours is the only one with manual parental control (it can be controlled wirelessly).  After lunch we had ice cream together.

I was able to play ping-pong against myself. Now it's not because no one plays with me, it's because there are 2 Edwards here at VSA so we have a joke of being on separate teams so I (technically) always win. YAY!!!   ......there are also 3 Mohammed’s but they kind of don’t like each other.

I headed out with Sam and Mohammed to Pangaea because I wanted to get a little something for someone back home. Unfortunately, it was closed so we went around looking for small gifts around the campus. While we were looking around, we stopped by a Pokémon Gym and I was able to buff up the gym and add another Pokémon so it would be harder for the other 2 teams, Instinct (Yellow) and Valor (Red) to take over my gym. I am of course on team Mystic (Blue), the best team. After that, we went over to the "beach" party where we threw water balloons at each other and played volleyball. I ended today with my nose bleeding while blogging as I type this…….send help…….please………..*dies with blood gushing out of nostrils* ;)

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