Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dremelin' Awaayy

I didn't make the same morning mistake again this time. You know, they say "Third time's the
Me using the standing position on their wheelchair
charm!" I got to breakfast on time and then our class headed into vans to go on a tour to Permobil, a company that produces automated wheelchairs. They have come up with so many different innovations, such as a wheelchairs that come up into a standing position and allow more blood circulation. They can recline and move into many comfortable positions, which I think is better for the user. They use joysticks to move around and have lots of speeds and functions. In one wheelchair, the joystick could control a cursor on your phone. 

After hearing about the company, and trying out their wheelchairs, we got into small groups and had lunch with some of the workers. They gave some more details on how the company works, and were very kind and friendly. We then headed back to Vanderbilt campus and into our classroom where we worked on our cars.

Using the Dremel

Today, we needed to cut out a hole in the steering wheel so that we could fit the huge button inside of it. Since the wheel was made of plastic, using a knife to cut it wouldn't have done the trick. Instead, we used a Dremel. It's this small machine that has a tip which spins around rapidly. You can screw on a sandpaper-material cylinder or circle on the tip, and it causes enough friction to cut the plastic off. It was a pretty cool machine. (However, we did end up splitting the screwable circle part in thirds somehow.)

We then had dinner with our proctor groups out in restaurants. My group went to Cabana, a fancy restaurant where I ate some nice Margarita pizza. Afterwards, we met up in the dorms, and had some EXTREMELY deep conversations, which I found to be honestly very comforting. 
Cohort at Cabana

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