Monday, July 25, 2016

STRESSing Out With Cars

Today I headed out to breakfast and had some eggs, bacon and hash browns. I picked up some fruit to get some nutrition. Today we had to sit with our class instead of with anyone we wanted. Armin, the class TA, had us do an activity called Rose-Bud-Thorn. The Rose represents what you really liked or enjoyed while in class, the Bud represents what you are looking forward to happening later on in class, and the Thorn represents something you didn't like or enjoy while in/during class. Mine were:
Rose: Watching The Princess Bride with everyone
Bud: Going to deliver the toys to the children at Belmont later this week
Thorn: The long, hot walks to and from class since our class is the furthest away

Wiring finished
We came to class through a long walk and I was sweating like usual. As soon as I walked inside the refreshing air hit me like water to someone out in the desert for a week. I cooled down as we walked to our Toy Lab (The name we decided to place on ourselves). Amanda came in and we talked about how our week is going to look and how much time we had to work on cars and toys. We, as a class decided that one afternoon would not be enough so we are going to work today on cars and have a lesson about stress and strain. 

We finally got our car working with reverse capabilities that the previous group couldn't so I was happy. We finished up all the wiring before we went to lunch and made a new steering wheel. 
New steering wheel
My Beautiful Nails!!!
We left to lunch and then came back to our STRESS-full lesson about stress and strain. We went over the conditions that occur in the perfect world and what the perfect elastic would be. It would retain its shape and never lose it strength.

There was a spa available and I went in thinking that there was a bunch of girls in there doing facemasks and nails. I had my nails painted and I think I’m good luck because after that, a bunch of people came in ~ both males and female.

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