Monday, July 18, 2016

Anything But Mundane

Mondays are always a joy. Especially when you don't feel tired at all and you go to the bathroom and you sit down and you wake up five minutes later. Or when you go downstairs to practice piano and accidentally end up falling asleep on the couch in the practice room. I swear I went to sleep at a halfway decent hour; it's probably just because I woke up at least five times last night.

Today was one of the most interesting classes yet; half the class spent the morning sitting in wheelchairs exploring the campus, inspecting its accessibility for the handicapped. While I didn't get to sit in one today (I get to go on Wednesday), I had to be a spotter for someone who was in a wheelchair. The job included making sure my guy (his name was Emerson) didn't fall over and faceplant, or run into anything, but my main duty was much more Monday-ne (Get it? Mundane...? Give me a break, it's late): carry everything. Unfortunately, my drawstring bag broke, meaning that I had to carry several pounds of stuff while making sure that Emerson didn't fall and die or inadvertently run over some unsuspecting pedestrian.

Flashback to childhood
The afternoon was pretty lax. We had new Arete classes, and mine was Martial Arts and Self Defense. I sure got a kick out of it...Anyways, it was pretty fun, even though the instructor lectured us for the first half of class about random situations and stabbing people with pencils. I volunteered to be an example for learning new moves, which involved having to choke the instructor several interesting experience. Oddly enough, his breath smelled like kimchi.

Supposedly we had soft night after dinner, but I decaided to stay in the dorms. I ended up participating in a crafts activity where we were supposed to be painting galaxies. However, the people supervising didn't really care, so I just decided to paint whatever I wanted, which turned out to be a sunset. Wow. How original. While I noticed that others' paintings looked much better (I'm talking to you, Jackie), I thought it was just a very restorative activity that I could enjoy even with my low level of art skill.

I have a strange craving for horror movies at the moment...Don't ask why something so random would pop into my head at this hour. I'm trying to get the creative juices flowing via random thoughts for when we start car modifications tomorrow in class.

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