Friday, July 8, 2016

Finally Vanderbilt

 Airport Photo Shoot
We woke up bright and early and headed over to the airport by around 6:45 because our flight was around 9:30. We got to our gate at about 9:00 and we asked about breakfast, but we were going to eat after the flight. I felt really excited about our flight because it left at 9:40 and landed here at Tennessee at 9:33. TIME TRAVEL!!!! Hahaha. The time difference made the time go back an hour, which was a funny concept, going into the plane and coming out "immediately"  to eat but we couldn't so we came to our hotel. We went to eat after we got to the hotel around 12, so it was lunch. 

Zeb (center) with Jae-An and I
We headed to Vanderbilt, the main place we were going to in the first place where we waited in the lobby until the info session started at 2:30. Zeb introduced himself and is one of the admission officers and is really funny. He made students introduce themselves and say what each person wanted to be a the age of 5. I wanted to be a chef. Zeb had a powerpoint which pointed point important facts, for example, the ratio of squirrels to students is 3 to 1 and students to faculty at 8 to 1. Vanderbilt has a diverse community having people from all 50 states and about 100 other countries. I really like that effort is pushed to having the students be involved with the city of Nashville by having meal cards work off campus so students explore.

The residential students are in 1 of 10 houses. Each house has its own color, crest, and chant just like in the Harry Potter series and its houses. It gives the students pride in the place they live in and there is this competition that the houses compete in called the commons cup. The good thing that they are all always at least the top ten right?

The Alumni lawn is the big clear area dedicated to the people who died in World War II but is blocked off to let the grass grow back.

For engineering, there is the module system so the students can solidify what career they will go into. Engineering students don't go off and work for a company, instead companies come to the university to give these students a problem to solve all through their senior year. Soon 3-D printed food might be available to benefit space travel.

Cohort with Simon Silverberg

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