Sunday, July 10, 2016

Goodbye Mom.. See You in Three Weeks!

I would first like to start with thanking Mom for everything she has done for my fellow cohort members and I. We have driven her crazy for the past four days and am very surprised that she was able to manage four teenagers. Teenagers get hungry, moody, rebellious, forgetful and often times careless. It is simply extraordinary all the work Mom has done to make sure that we get the best out of this trip considering how much we made her work.

Today was the day we left the The Hampton Hotel and checked into VSA.

To start our day off, we packed our belongings and met in the hotel lobby at 10 AM. We stored our luggage in a storage room behind the main office and went off to eat our last breakfast together before starting VSA.

We went to  IHop and ended up having a delightful breakfast before heading off the the Pantheon two blocks from the hotel.

After a series of taking pictures along the way to see the Pantheon, we finally see a beautiful building emerge. It was grander than I could've ever imagine. We all went crazy and started taking pictures of the Pantheon. We soon entered the glorious building made of concrete sand and began to look around at all of the artifacts that were set in place. I enjoyed the beautiful pieces of art and tried to take in as much as possible. In front of the paintings, I felt as satisfied as if I were out in nature. All of the paintings were able to express and show the serenity of objects, places and people. It was wonderful being able to partake in such an experience.

After the Pantheon, we went to get a fruit smoothie and went off to the hotel to finally leave to Vanderbilt.

Our journey to Vanderbilt was quite intense although it was only three blocks away. Having 50+ pounds of luggage in hand was not east to carry up and down the hot, and busy streets of Nashville.

We arrived the Common grounds of where we were to stay at for the next three weeks, otherwise known as the Hank Ingram Commons.

We checked in, grabbed some supplies and useful information, and said goodbye to our Mom. After, I took my luggage up to my room and met my roommate. Her name is Kate and is taking the same course as I am, Med 101. I am so glad to have been assigned a roommate with similar interests. The next few weeks will be great.

After settling in, we were called to our proctor groups and headed outside to have a small group activity. For our group activity, we made a flag with our group name and our hand prints. After that, we were taken to a large auditorium and were welcomed to VSA. We were all so exited, as were the staff and coordinators of the program. We were given a quick rundown of what we should expect from the next three weeks in Vanderbilt and all the fun we will have. It was great. After the presentation, we went outside and began playing "Human Scavenger Hunt"  in order to start accumulating house points, just like in Harry Potter. Unfortunately, my group is in last place with a whopping zero points. We will eventually spark up to the top, I just know it.

After the game ended, we just went back to the commons, had a quick meeting where the proctor leaders explained the rules and what should be expected from us. After, we went to bed.

Today was a great start to a new opportunity in my life. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

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  1. Jackie- thanks for being easy to work with. I think that any four teenagers would be a challenge but you all tried to work well with me, and that makes a world of difference. You should have seen the way your eyes lit up when you spoke to me about seeing Athena in the Parthenon. I hope you get to travel to Greece someday soon.