Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wheelchairs.......My Worst/Best dream

Yesterday we went to Permobil, a company that makes powered wheelchairs. They gave us a rundown of not what, or how they did things, but the WHY? It is the central idea of the company and the basis for giving the customer the best product they can, tailored to their needs. We were given a tour of the facility afterwards. We were walked through the steps the chairs go through and saw how an awesome custom paint jobs are done. Then the fun began with being able to ride the powered wheelchairs through the facility.

After the tour we were feed amazing food cooked right outside the building and look liked heaven. They had a Permobil engineer at each table talking to us about engineering stuff, which was fun.

We came back to Vanderbilt and then had proctor group night where our proctors took us out to each and socialize with each other. We went to Cabana, a nice restaurant.  We got to learn things about each other we wouldn’t have learned otherwise….like someone is a thief and took my donut :’( I really wanted my chocolate donut.


Today I was in a wheelchair to see the accessibility of the school’s campus and it was terrible. The ramps are pretty steep and tiring, I know it might be because of my lack of skills and practice of being in a wheelchair, but just 5 min in and my biceps were killing me. It was really hard and time-consuming.

In the afternoon we got to be admission officers and decided the faith of 4 people, Michelle, Juan, Stephen, and Christina. Our class had a civilized argument of who would be the best candidate to bring the most to the table.

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