Thursday, July 7, 2016

Humidity, Emory, Dooley

Us in front of Emory's Barnes & Nobles
I woke up pressing the snooze button 100 times. I hurried up and got dressed, and somehow walked out halfway to the elevator without my shoes. Once I got my shoes on, we all went on the Emory tour.

Ally Paauwe told us about the general process of applying and that there were two different colleges: Oxford College and Emory College. Oxford is only 32 miles away from where we had went. Most freshmen and sophomores go to Oxford College and move to Emory in their last two years. In the first two years, they don't need to choose a major, which I thought was very cool since I have been changing my field of interest every two years or so. Ally also told us that there are many opportunities here for internships since a lot of companies, especially medical ones, come on campus and do interviews. Another interesting thing that Emory offers is a dual degree with Georgia Tech. Students can do one type of degree for three years at Emory, and then pursue engineering for two years at Georgia Tech. I thought this was a really nice option for later on in life. I ended up asking her afterwards how handling a minor and major works, and I learned that you have to juggle both of them at the same time. This made me consider maybe taking Dancing and Movement Studies as a minor. It would be a good break between classes of engineering.

After that, Maddie Clifton took us on a tour around the gorgeous green campus, which was all built
Me with Dooley
from the money of Coca-Cola. The campus had two libraries in front of each other with different types of environments so it could suit everyone, which I really liked. It could cater to loud people, ones who love pin drop silence, and everyone in between. The cafeteria was a quick 10-15 minute
walk from the classes, and it was huge. Behind the building was a beautiful acoustic area, where a capella competitions are held every Friday. I thought this was really cute and was a great way to make new friends at a college. Nearby was the gym so students could burn off what they ate. We then went to see the statue of Dooley, Emory's mascot. Every year, they have a spirit week for Dooley, who goes around asking teachers very hard questions pertaining to Emory. If teachers get it wrong, the class is dismissed. I thought this was really cool and was something that had the power to bring the entire college together. 

Overall, the campus was gorgeous. It provided so many resources to students, from eleven libraries, to a hospital. The many activities done here showed how tight knit and friendly the college environment was. However, Emory is leaning more towards the liberal arts field, and I know that if I ever decide to go in that that field within the next year, then I will I want to apply

After the tour and lunch, we went to the Centennial Olympic Park. Mom, Edward, and I went to the
In front of the Coca-Cola factory
Coca-Cola factory, where the company bragged about their product more, which I think isn't even necessary anymore. We went to the aquarium after that, and saw so many different sea creatures. We even saw the dolphins that they train. Sadly, there were many scars on the dolphins, showing how much abuse they went through. Jackie and I watched part of the dolphin show and then went back to the hotel with the rest of the cohort. We ate dinner and then ended our full day with good Italian food and on a good note. 
The Aquarium

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