Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wear Your Lanyards, Kids

Judgement day. Crunch time. The decisive day. Whatever you want to call it, today was the last day to work on our project cars, which we will be presenting to our selected families tomorrow. Augh. Presenting. That word always makes me cringe internally, both from embarrassment and nervousness.

Edward is so done with life.
Oh, and that's our car.
Anyhow, my group was only one of two groups out of five that had not finished their projects yet, so while the others did a lab involving chicken bones on stress and strain, we were busily finishing what we could. Several problems came up just today: there wasn't enough seat space for him, the booster seat wasn't secure and came apart, we didn't have enough supplies, we had to wire in a new component in the electrical circuit...the list of issues went on. Somehow, by some miracle, we were able to work through nearly all of the issues - but it wasn't easy. I must have lost another decade or so while stressing over how to solve all the design problems. Hmm...I already have white hairs... ;_;

Eating ice cream on a hot day really is nice.
Afterwards, Amanda took us all outside to celebrate the completion of our cars through ice cream! She bought quite a few ice cream bars and popsicles, so we each got three. Highlight of my day, right there. By the way, I accidentally ate a bite of Jahnvi's ice cream...I was trying to get her attention, and she pointed her popsicle right at me, which I assumed was a signal of offering. Of course, it was not. Lel.

Unfortunately, tonight's soft night was cut short by an unfortunate incident. Basically, I was caught not wearing my lanyard, which we are supposed to have on at all times. But let me back up. 

At least I saw this cute bunny on the way back...
Jackie, Jahnvi, Nakhul, and I were all planning to go look for super cheap clothes and coffee, and end up strolling in a clothing store. All the clothes are ridiculously overpriced (a pair of shorts for several hundred dollars?! Now, this was before their "markdowns."), so we start to leave. However, Nakhul has to buy a belt, so the other two and I wait outside. I start fiddling with my lanyard, since I hate wearing things on my neck, and a proctor comes by. After ordering us to go in and accompany Nakhul in the store, she sees I'm not wearing my lanyard and says I must go back to the dorms for the night. 

I literally stared at her for a good twenty seconds before realizing that she wasn't joking.

Although my friends ended up coming back with me, this was probably the "down" of my day. Rules are rules, sure, but my lanyard was only around two to three feet away from me...I wasn't mad or anything, just a mix of understanding and for lack of a better term, self-pity. 

The incident aside, I rather enjoyed myself today. I finally learned (courtesy of Edward) that the microwaves in the dining commons can melt cheese on your hamburger and fries, which makes such a huge difference in taste, surprisingly.

I'm hungry now...

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