Saturday, July 16, 2016

First Saturday Happenings

There was a miracle today: I woke up late, and was able to wash my hair, and get to breakfast on time. Today, class was a lot shorter than the ones during the weekdays. We didn't get to continue modifying our toy, sadly. I had really wanted to get the joystick working on the car. Instead, we spent all our time making a picture book for our child in which he would be the star and hero of the book. 

Our child Will has two brothers: River, Will's twin, and Jackson, who is 8 and also has arthrogryposis. Jackson has always wanted to go hunting with his dad. So, our plot is that all three brothers and their father go hunting. Jackson's wheelchair breaks down, and Will saves the day with his new car! 

We spent the next few hours cutting up pictures and text, and drawing out whatever we needed to
Some of the pages from our picture book
make the book come alive. After that, we had free time. I tried to get my laundry done, but the line was huge by the time I got downstairs. I decided to skip the laundry, and go straight to soft night. Our usual group went around and got coffee and popsicles. I left my money in my room, for some odd reason, so Jae-An had to pay everything for me. (I know, I'm so nice that I'm writing him a special thank you.)

After soft night, or should I say afternoon, we were supposed to have dinner in the dining hall. However, something wrong happened in communicating, and the chefs didn't serve any food. We all (yes, the entire camp) went straight to the movies to watch Ghostbusters 2, which is a really good movie by the way. After that, to prevent us hungry children from starving, we were given pizza on our floors to eat. With completely full stomachs, we all then fell asleep.


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  2. Made Gud Pic for kids..
    I think Ghostbusters 2 is late 90's supernatural comedy movie...
    Mast hai Enjoying.