Saturday, July 16, 2016

Days You Just Can Not Forget

Yesterday started off pretty well. Our proctor, Ghram, was not here, but the other proctor of the floor, John, took over and he is really fun.

Yesterday's big event was the dance. We didn't have soft night to go out into the street, but the dance was in place of it. It was really big for girls because they were wearing dresses and stuff, while the guys have mostly shorts and lay back clothing. We had 2 choices, dance or board room. I went to dance for about an hour and a half and it was lit!!!! Everyone from my class, adaptive engineering was the life of the party. I started not knowing the songs they were singing so I took to a more psychological approach to the dance. I wanted to feel like I had power so; I was going to manipulate everyone. I got some friends to do as I did. I started by having everyone hold hands and dancing in the corner of the room. That because the center of the dance and then repeated to move everyone around 2 more times for fun. I talked to my sub-proctor about what I was doing and we both laughed. It was great.

Today we were not feed dinner, great right!?!? Apparently the people in the dinning were supposed to feed us, but something happened to the schedule so everyone left early, this was at 6. So we went to see Ghostbusters as a group because that is what they had planned for us. Because of this, we were not given anything to eat until 10:30 because that is when we got back. We were given pizza and soda. After that we played one night ultimate werewolf, with 2 new roles, just like every night. One was Hunter that, if killed, and kill someone else. And cupid a person that makes 2 people as lover