Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Relaxed Weekend

Family reunions are always, fun, especially when they're over pancakes. Pancakes make everything better. The "family reunion" in question was just a cohort meet-up with MOM, whom it seems like we haven't seen in forever; we all went to the nearby Pancake Pantry, which had absolutely shmackin' pancakes and hash browns. It was good to see Thomas still alive, and just share some of the stories and events of the past week. Sadly though, soon Mom had to leave again, and we ate lunch (I barely ate anything because of the late breakfast). 
I seem quite pleased with the results.
In the afternoon, VSA split up to several different spots to "experience the city." The cohort all signed up to go to the Frist, an art museum with an exhibit on Italian sports cars of the mid-twentieth century. While the exhibits were very nice, there wasn't too much to look at, so we stayed around an activity area, where there were various stations to learn and try out different types of art. I wanted to draw a self-portrait, but the station was too popular, so I ended up sketching a giant wooden mannequin in the time we had instead.

Getting back, we pretty much just did random stuff the rest of the day. I spent a rather large chunk of time practicing piano and meeting a fellow piano player named Savannah. Otherwise, it was just a very relaxed ending to a very relaxed day.

Weird poses for weird art, I suppose.

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