Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Intro Our New Experience

We met up with Don at around 2:30 in the morning where he weighed our bags, gave us our name tags, and gave us snacks, I picked up dried mango, Oreo cookies, and chocolate-covered blueberries because I had eaten a little something before meeting up. We took a few pictures and we said good bye to our family members as we headed off to Atlanta, Georgia for our first day full of new found excitement.
Jahnvi(left), Jackie(middle left), me(middle right), Jae-An(left)
I got to sit next to my cohort, Jackie, but it wasn't all fun.....for me. We were up at 2 and our flight was around 6:15 so must of us didn't have enough rest. I was still still awake but Jackie fell asleep. The problem was that Jackie, for some reason or another, got spooked while asleep so she jerked awake tossing soda onto my foot and sandals. Great trip having to walk all sticky everywhere.

Here in Georgia it is so humid compared to what I'm usually used to and I am not a fan of the heat. This new environment  allows me to see the conditions that other people live in compared to back there in the Bay Area.

Nature at its finest
We went out for walk after we ate some sandwiches and I felt so connected to Earth. The same way I feel when I had been in Guatemala as a kid. It really goes to show that so close to civilization, we can find nature that can also be seen in exotic, hidden places of Earth that still has not been soiled my humans. While my cohort and I were on our little walk, bursts of rain came down turning the simple path we walk to be a branch of the Amazon. It really is amazing that being here has opened my eyes to see some similarities.
Grilled Chicken with Potatoes and Rice

Jae-An and I later had a friendly one-on-one in a pool game and then joined the girls to go to the pool. We later sat down and had a delicious dinner. Carla, our waiter, brought out all our food, mine being the last, but it looked and tasted impeccable.

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