Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Proctor Group Night

So today in class, we were split in half, those that have finished their car, and those who are close to finishing it. Those that haven't finished were working on the car, while those who have, got to go do a gelatin lab testing for stress and strain. I got time to work on the car, but because we have the most difficult one, we only barely started working on structural support, but we got a lot done today. We have almost all the PVC piping cut to length and we will stick it together when we go to Belmont on Thursday.

We went to go to Nissan after lunch and we got to see how they crank a car out every 27 seconds. We compared that to that 10 prosthesis that get made a day for people with physical disabilities. Obviously it's the amount of customization that goes into prosthesis is way more compared to vehicles because they are one size, and one style. Prosthesis all have to be as unique as there are humans.

Tonight was proctor group night so we decided to go to Centennial Park because of one main thing.....Pokémon. The amount of diversity of Pokémon there is enormous compared to anywhere else around here. We all freaked out when we found a Scyther. Most of us caught it, but some of them didn’t. Luckily, I did. After we saw a big lightning bolt and heard thunder rolling in, we scrambled to get back to the dorms. We went to our floor and saw the fundamentals of caring.

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