Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Opening a New Book

Henna from today
I had slept so well the night before, since I was really tired from the Fourth of July festival the day before. I woke up early, at around 9 AM (which I know is pretty late by ILC standards). l had done almost all of my packing the night before, so I didn't have much work to do. l finally got a day to relax, and it felt good. l checked my AP exam scores, peer pressured from everyone, and got satisfactory results. I wasn't too happy about them, but I knew that there was a huge opportunity waiting for me in a few hours, so I brightened up. I began practicing henna on my hand, since l had nothing else to do, and it turned out pretty good.

l took a nice, long, relaxing shower, and finished packing for good. Now,  after finishing dinner, I will fall asleep like a good kid. I can't wait to open the new book,  and let all the new adventures start (hehe...very cheesy). Words can't explain how excited I am for this to begin. (More cheesiness... Actually, technically, words can explain, but I am not sure how to put them together to show how excited l am.) So lets just say that my excitement is as big as 5 galaxies put together.
Finally done packing!

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  1. Nice Henna Design...Finally Ready set...GOOGOGOGOGGO