Sunday, July 17, 2016

Break, Break, and Break

Today was very chill because we didn't do much. Everyone was stuck to Pokémon Go and that was great. We went out with mom, Alexis, to Pancake Pantry and I had the Chocolate Sin. It was AMAZING and what topped it off was that I was able to take back the Pokémon gym from team instinct. Mom took us back and dropped us off. I was finally able to clean my laundry.
John, adult that must care.

After lunch we all signed up to go to different places and coincidentally we all went to the frisk, a museum that had 3 very small rooms. The smallest was the art gallery that was about 3 400sq ft. rooms next to each other. Then was the children's play area where I made my beautiful piece of art of 3 tulips that represents the coming of age of all of us students in VSA. I named it grow up.

"Grow Up" - Edward Hernandez

The biggest part of the Frisk was the automobiles sections. It was semi-interesting because I had gone to see the Blackhawk museum back in California. The one here paled in comparison. 

After the museum, we headed back to Hank. our dorms, and chilled all the way up until 11, not counting the proctor group meeting. I finished drying my clothes and had fun up here in the seventh floor, playing One Night Ultimate Werewolf to bond with everyone.

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