Saturday, July 16, 2016

I Woke up Knowing it was Going to be a Good Day... I was Right..

We got an extra hour of sleep. I woke up ready to start my day and for once did not feel that tired. I went off to my class right after breakfast until we went into a dimly lit room and saw popcorn on the tables. We were to watch the wonderful "Scrubs" on Netflix. I initially wasn't expecting much from watching Scrubs but left the room with a roller coaster of emotions. We watched three episodes of Scrubs that were all centered around the same patient. As it turns out,  one of the main  doctors was attending a patient, a really good friend of his, for having been injured at work hours earlier. The patient had a long nail go through his hand and was losing a significant amount of blood, but for some reason, was taking it wonderfully.

The main character, J.D. goes into the room where the patient is getting treated and immediately passes out at the sight of blood. J.D. wakes up and he sees Ben(patient) and Perry Cox(doctor), as they make fun of him. They all decide to go to a bar and Dr. Cox notices that blood has yet to stop spewing out of the hole of his hand. Dr. Cox requests that J.D. gets Ben's blood tested to make sure that nothing is going wrong within the patients body.

J.D. receives Ben's lab work to only find out that has leukemia. J.D. found himself in a really tricky situation because Ben is a really good friend of his and the Doctor. He walks back to the room where Ben is located and decides to not tell Ben and Cox of the horrible news until getting a second test of blood works done. After hours of waiting, J.D. realizes that J.D. has leukemia and must undergo chemotherapy. Ben goes into recession and decides to go traveling. After months of having fun abroad, he decides to go back to the hospital. Since Ben's diagnosis, the doctor has shown signs of depression and is found at a really ill mental state. Near the ending of the third episode, he believes that he is to attend the party of his son with Ben and J.D. Soon, he realizes that it is not a birthday party he is attending, in fact, it is Ben's funeral. The episode ended there, as did my happiness. I was not expecting this to happen considering the level of treatment Ben was receiving and how enthusiastic he and the doctors were for his recovery.

I guess this goes to say that not all the times doctors are able to find a cure to a disease and often times are unable to treat and help a patient fully recover from an illness. This left me thinking of all of the possible scenarios when things can go wrong in the hospital and how this may affect the medical staff as a whole. Scrubs is an amazing show and is very accurate. When I go home after VSA, I will continue watching Scrubs and will continue to be filled with a roller coaster of emotions.

After Med101, the class went to commons, played some board games, had free time, went to lunch and then had a couple hours of soft night. After soft night, VSA invited all students tot he movie theater where we watched "Ghost busters".

Today was a really fun day and could have not gone any better. i have really high expectations for tomorrow. Can't wait to see what happens.

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