Saturday, July 23, 2016

Not a Saturday But a Rocky-Day

Today was such a relaxed and fun day; it was amazing. I had my usual Cap n' Crunch cereal for
Greg and I playing wheelchair tennis
breakfast, and then we headed to the recreation center with the Mental Health and Society class to play wheelchair sports and experience how it is. Now, I am horrible at sports as I am. Put me into a wheelchair, and it turns even worse. The wheelchairs for sports are different, and have tilted wheels, making them much easier to control and spin around. We got to try out tennis, badminton, and basketball. I could hardly make it past a serve, or even shoot a ball in the hoop. 

After that was lunch, and then we watched Princess Bride together as a class after. It was a pretty good movie, and some of my friends had watched the movie so many times that they had the lines memorized and said them as the movie went on.

After the movie was over, and class, we had soft time. Jackie, Jae-An, Greg, and I went to go out to eat some tacos. Those tacos were probably the most delicious thing I've had this week. We then had dinner, and I ended up eating just a salad. 

Next came the thing I had been waiting for since the beginning of this week: rock climbing!! It was so fun to do, and everyone was so supportive of each other. I climbed until my arms were so sore that they were practically numb. In fact, it sort of hurts as I am typing this blog up right now. But the soreness is worth all the fun I had while climbing. Will I ever go rock climbing again though? Of course I will. That shouldn't even be a question. 
Me halfway there (I just really liked this picture)
Started from the bottom now I'm here

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