Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The (Nissan) ULTIMAte Day

Well, today's class was pretty unique. We tested out the strength of Jello as more gelatin was added
The magical pipette
into it. Or, well, we tried to. Waiting for the Jello to dry after heating and stirring it was too time consuming, and we all messed up and pulled out the wet Jello too quickly at least once. Amanda said we will continue our experiment tomorrow, which I am looking very forward to. However, there was something important I learned about during this experiment: a precise, easy-to-use pipette. In this pipette, you could choose how many micro-milliliters you want your drop to be. The problem of liquid getting stuck easily inside your bulb was gone in the pipette. It was magical!

Greg stirring Jello and gelatin
After the experiment, we went to tour Nissan. There was a huge train in which we all sat, and the tour guide spoke into headphones that each of us had to wear. There were huge intricate robots everywhere that did more than 95% of the work. Then there were tracks overhead that carried parts to different stations in the factory. It was all VERY hectic and everything was all over the place. Although I did find it amazing, the huge robots and the large number of them seemed a little intimidating. I think so because there was just so much going on each second that it was too crazy. 

When we came back, Amanda had us pair off to think of a way to modify any toy for children less than 2 years old who couldn't move their legs. We decided to modify the scooters we use in PE class that have four wheels and a flat surface. A baby could lie on it and push a button, that would be connected to a stick. This stick would push spokes on a wheel, and that would cause the scooter to move. So the faster the button is pushed, the quicker the scooter moves. I had a lot of fun in these 20 minutes because I love having to come up with spontaneous, creative ideas.

After class was just free time where I hung out with friends. Then, there was proctor group time after dinner. My group decided to make crafts, and we all had a very fun time. Now, as I am typing this blog, the drowsiness from all that fun is getting to me, and I will quickly go to sleep.  
Proctor group night

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