Wednesday, July 13, 2016

They Were.........AWESOME!!!!

Hey everybody, turns out that my class and I went to see the children with disabilities at Belmont University that we are modifying cars for. They were adorable. The most beautiful angels I have ever seen. There were 5 groups in the class and each group got assigned a child. Our group of Jae-An, Mohammed, and I (the only group of guys) got Elijha. He had a developmental disability where he didn't grow up like he should have and is slow. He doesn't have the motor skills other 4 year olds have, is sensitive to hearing (but likes vacuum noises), and bangs his head on hard surfaces for self stimulation (to make himself feel good). 
Trying out a CAR!!!
A team breainstorming
Today in morning session class, we had a brainstorming session consisting of discussions about what it was we wanted to do. Our group decided that the most important thing for Elijha was posture so, since he's taller than expected, our group had a different car because of his height. We want to make sure his legs are at 90 degrees and shoulders strait with his back. We decided that elevating the seat and adding straps so his shoulders don't come off too much, but he still has mobility.

After our brainstorming, we went to Max Mobile that works on manual wheelchairs (self powered) and converting them into powered wheelchairs because manual wheelchair patients hurt themselves with repetitive stress injuries by using their arms and shoulders to get around instead of legs that have that capability.
Jahnvi in a wheelchair
Everyone Helping The Kids

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