Monday, July 11, 2016

Cars 3: The Adaptive Engineering Version

I, for some reason, was struggling to take a shower this morning. I ended up forgetting so many things and had to walk back and forth multiple times. It was a good exercise, although I didn't need any because I would soon be getting a lot today. 

We ate breakfast with our classmates and TA today. It was fun getting to know
Going to Breakfast
them, and some of us had a conversation on who sleeps with socks on or off. We all walked down to class together: it was about a 10 minute walk. In class today, we played some ice breakers, and in teams of 4, built a small bridge of paper clips, straws, and craft straws over Dr. Pepper cans. My team and I ended up with second place. Our teacher Amanda Lowery gave us a schedule of what we are about to do in class the next three weeks, and it sounded like a lot, but also seemed very exciting. 

We then put together the cars that we would be modifying later on. The plan for the next three weeks is for all of the four teams of four to modify their original toy car to fit the children with disabilities. I think this is really nice, because now what I build is actually going to have a real purpose, and will help someone else. 
Walking to Class

After the Adaptive Engineering class, I went to my arete class for Cultural Dance. We only danced for maybe about half hour, and spent the other half hour learning about the culture. After this, we had some free time and I spent it with my proctor group and proctor, and we all just told each other stories from our lives. 

After all that was dinner, and then the Scavenger hunt where we had to walk outside the campus. The competition was between the houses, and we had to stay together as a proctor group. My group and I walked around so much that our feet and soles were hurting, and we were dying of thirst. We all crashed as soon as we got to our rooms, relieved, yet ready to start another busy day tomorrow.


  1. West Coast pride!! Nice job on getting that second. Keep dancing over there!!

  2. Janu.....Time se Uta Jaya Kar..
    Sahi...Second position good keep it up