Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Another Night in The Town

Today went by as a blur. I still remember walking with my Med101 class to our classroom in Vanderbilt's Medical School. We went up the same flight of stairs as usual and sat down in the classroom ready to learn something new.

Alex started with such a fascinating topic. He still spoke of diabetes but actually explained and drew out what happens at a molecular level in the body. I cannot simply express how exited I was to learn about he process of how proteins may react differently after exposure to an excess and uncontrollable amount of sugar in the blood. but to save from having to take more time from my rest trying  to explain further the process, I will just go on to say that everything was incredible.

After Med101, we had arete and went off to dinner before soft night.

Dinner was really fun because today was the day I felt most comfortable sitting with those around me. For once, I laughed until my abdomen was in pain, I sat with my cohort and Jahnvi's proctor member Mya and my newest friend Nahkul . We all soon decided to go out into Nashville and enjoy the night together at Ben & Jerry's and then Starbucks, which was all just unforgettable.

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  1. Jackie--you’re teasing us with your comments here. You’re leading us to the water but not allowing us to drink.

    We’d love to read more about what you learned in class (especially what you learned about diabetes). What aerie class did you take today and what did you do when you went into town (I checked the police blotters so I know that whatever you did you didn’t get caught).

    Tell us more in these blogs and tell us what you think about it.