Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It's a Small World After All

Today, we were rollin' again, as you can tell by other titles. It was my partner's turn today to go on the wheelchair, and she had dislocated shoulders. However, Emily, my partner, was very persistent and wanted to continue pushing herself as much as she possibly could. I helped her out through a lot of the way and on slopes so that she didn't have to use her shoulders as much.

We did another scavenger hunt, but this time some of the tasks were impossible because they weren't wheelchair accessible. Again, this reminded us all of how things weren't as easy for those who are disabled, and better tools and devices need to be made fast so that their lives can be easier. The people in wheelchairs also had to go through the cafeteria and eat in wheelchairs today. That task looked a bit easier than the scavenger hunt.

After lunch, we headed down to prosthetic leg labs. It was amazing! Prosthetics interest me a lot because they imitate something as complex as our body so well. One lab made legs that were purely mechanical, while the other was robotic. Both had their separate advantages and drawbacks, such as robotics ones are expensive, but mechanical ones require more effort and make it harder to walk. So much thought and effort goes into these, and the product turns out so beautiful.

We then returned to the classroom and had some time to work on our cars. We didn't get too much time, so my group didn't get to do much except plan out what to do next. We then had our self-defense arete and our class arrived slightly late. Jae-An and I ended up arriving a little late since we had to go to our rooms, and therefore we ended up being partners. It was definitely NOT the ideal partnership to practice self-defense with when there is such a huge size difference.

I went to an optional guide on getting accepted to Vanderbilt. I found the information a little repetitive, but it was still a good overview. We then had dinner with our classes, and I ended up sitting next to Ben Gutierrez, one of the admissions officers and talk to him about his job and the application process.

Then, we got together with our classes and evaluated four fake applications and decided which one would be denied, which one accepted, and which two waitlisted. And guess who was guiding our class? Zeb!! The same Zeb we met at the PreVU tour, and he remembered us!! Yea, we're famous! After getting back together and discussing what our final choices were, we had a proctor group meeting, and we talked about how stressful this judging was and how it made us afraid of applying. But its alright: we got up and continued on with life, and went to sleep.

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