Thursday, July 14, 2016

Everyday has Goods and Bads

For the first part of class we went over circuits, but it was the math/logic side to it. We learned how to draw layouts of circuits. The problem was that everyone's been very simple only having a batter, motor and button. Us, on the other hand, had a battery, that connected to a main control panel, and that branches off in so many direction for example, 4 switches, motor, wireless parental control, lights, and steering. We had to sit down and figure that out because the car we are modifying is different because of Elijah’s height.

For the second part of class we all got into groups of 2 and we applied the skills we talked about in the first session and focused on soldering. I unfortunately got burned with the soldering machine because I was teaching the girl I was with how to use it. Her hands slipped and I caught it before it was able to land on her. My hand still hurts and I have like little bubbles of water that I've been popping as soon as I can so there is nothing there. Well it’s not necessarily popping, but poking holes so the water comes out. It looks like it will be good by tomorrow hopefully. One the plus side, it was raining (I LOVE the rain) and we didn’t have to walk the usually 15 min walk to class and were taken to our building by car with was great. Pok√©mon GO really has become a bug thing here on campus when we are not in classes (Team Mystic is the best btw) like when we are eating or going out for soft night. 

I got to play the escape game. It's where they lock a group of people in with one clue and they have to try to escape by solving puzzles and games. It was really fun. To get out, We had to find a thief using clues.

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