Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I Feel Okay

Off to Vanderbilt!!!
I feel okay. Two days before today, I didn't. I instead felt worrisome and sick to my stomach. Just the thought of going far from home to a place I have little to no connection with is scary. I began thinking the worst about my trip and began to assume that I wasn't qualified or smart enough to be a part of a group as talented and intelligent as the other students that were admitted into VSA. My worries soon disappeared when I woke up this morning.

For some strange reason, I woke up and felt nothing. I no longer felt worried. I had realized that everything would be alright. Yesterday, I had a long chat with a really close friend of mine, Wendy Gonzalez (former ILC member). She had told me that I was going to have the time of my life and had absolutely nothing to worry about. Wendy told me that although I may feel intimidated at first, my worries would quickly end in a matter of days. 

Now I am super excited to go. I cannot wait for the plane ride and be able to enjoy the amazing view, I can't wait to go to Atlanta, I can't wait to go to Nashville, and most importantly, I cannot wait to stay at Vanderbilt. Now more than ever, I am really grateful for everything that Don, Madeline, and the sponsors have done for the ILC. My gratitude is great and am exited to open this new door in my life. 


  1. DO NOT FOR A SINGLE SECOND DOUBT YOUR QUALIFICATIONS! You belong at VSA as much or more than anyone else that will be there. If we had any doubts at all, you would have been weeded out months ago.

  2. As Don said, Jackie, you are absolutely qualified. You are very intelligent and absolutely belong. Enjoy the view, enjoy Atlanta, enjoy Nashville, and make the best of Vanderbilt! I'll be following up on your blogs. Best! -Arnold.