Monday, July 18, 2016

Today was Hectic..

I woke up today eager to go to my MED101 class and learn something super interesting. After hours of sitting in that classroom, learning about the different chambers of the heart, I was left really tired. After MED101, I experienced the same exact thing in my iPhotography class. I was still very tired. i was not tired because I didn't get enough sleep, I was just tired because the subject was a bit too complex to understand and was not able to grab my attention as I initially wanted to. After my arete class I just decided to go to my dorm and go to sleep before dinner.I was expecting my energy levels to go up and lighten up my mood, but it only brought me down. I felt a bit sick after eating the chicken served and that was probably my fault. I am not a great fan of pepper, but I still decided to eat the chicken, which unfortunately did have a great load of pepper, Up to this point, my day was not on my list of best days, it was actually quite on the opposite spectrum. 

After all of this mess, I had the wonderful choice of going into a classroom and paint. I love painting and find it a great stress reliever. It did wonderful. I took that couple hours that were given to paint a landscape that I had envisioned on my mind, I felt quite accomplished and was complimented which made everything quite amazing. painting did the job for me and brought my day to a happy ending even after a very hectic day.

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