Thursday, July 28, 2016

Last Day

Today was the last full day of VSA. The first thing we did was to go the new problems in law class and we were their guinea pigs to test how memorization is affected with regular actions of everyday. After that we went to the Toy Lab to give out teacher, TA, and people who helped out with our class.

We finished up the car and then we all sent it to Belmont where the kids were going to be. We left for lunch and some people started crying because they realized it was the last day to see each other.

After lunch we went to Belmont to get the final touches on the car fixed, for example, the seat angle was wrong and there thongs of the sort. It was all things that could not be done right without the child there. The most terrible thing happened, our car failed. Out of nowhere the battery wasn't charging, the button was causing a short-circuit, and there was no way to open the back of the vibrator to change batteries. Our team was devastated. We couldn’t get the car to work right. Apparently there was some problem with the battery that we didn’t know about.

After dinner everyone freshened up to go to the dance. At the end, for the last song, some people started crying.

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