Saturday, July 23, 2016

On the Rocks

My fingers are pretty much dead, so I'll try to make this quick; not a lot happened, so this shouldn't be too hard...

The most important parts of today were class and rock climbing. In class, we weren't supposed to be working today, for whatever reason, so the TA, Arman, took us to an empty classroom and showed The Princess Bride on a projector screen. I had heard that the movie was really good from nearly all my friends, and they weren't wrong. The acting was so bad (perhaps intentionally) that it was hilarious, and I liked it. After the movie, we went out to discover that the other class (Medicine, Health, and Society/Med School 101) had been outside the whole time, having a water fight and then playing ultimate frisbee in the pouring rain. I'm still feeling the jealousy.

It was one rocky road to the top.
I'm not sorry at all, by the way.
After dinner, VSA divided into our group activities, which for me was rock climbing! I was a bit nervous, as I always am with physical activities, but things turned out just fine. Better than fine, actually; it was one of the best times I've had since I got here! After putting on a harness that felt...uncomfortable, and a quick tutorial, we were free to explore the rock climbing gym as we pleased. Me being the naive person I am, I decide to try the hardest, tallest walls first.

Of course, around ten minutes later my arms and fingers are barely able to flex.

I had more success with some of the smaller walls, and managed to reach the top of a few of them, but I ended up sooo tired; me and some other people in the group took turns massaging each other's fingers and arms just to get them un-tensed. 

Even though not much happened today, I still had a lot of fun, especially going climbing. My fingers are about to fall off though...can't wait to feel super sore tomorrow morning...

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  1. You’re in big trouble, pal. I sent the URL to my good friend Fezzik and he wrote back that he’s coming to pay a visit to you.

    From what he’s heard, you can’t handle a sword like Inigo and you don’t have the strategic skills of Westley. He figures he can--and must--take you for your insulting comment about the biopic you saw of he and his friends.