Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tis' Two Wonderful Days..

It has been two great days. Med101 has been wonderful and I have noticed that I am becoming much more comfortable in my classroom environment. After some time of thinking, I came to the realization of all I have accomplished in the past week and a half. We are half way done with VSA and it saddens me to think that my experience in VSA will quickly come to an end. At first, I thought that three weeks was going to feel like a year, but now that I have become acquainted with all of my classmates and proctor group, time is passing by really fast.

Although I dislike thinking of leaving VSA soon, I am exited to take back a couple of things. I am exited to go home and show my family and friends of all that I have learned. Before coming to VSA, I wasn't completely sure if I wanted to go to medical school and pursue a field in medicine. After Med101, I am positive that medicine is the path I would love to go into, even if it isn't to become a surgeon. I am interested in going into the field of pathology and desire to specialize in microbiology. Before VSA, I didn't even know whether I even knew what a pathologist was. Med101 has taught me to think much more than just a doctor. My instructors and surprise speakers have taught me the importance of not just thinking from a technical perspective, it is super important to look at things through an ethical perspective. I have always had a mind for logic and for ethics, now I realize that I can be in a job that suits my  weird way of thinking. 

As weird as it may sound, the thought of research brings a certain joy that lights a bright spark in my eyes. I love the idea of being able to research whatever topic I want to research and be able to help thousands, if not millions, of individuals simplify and better their lives. It pains me to think of the troubles that other people face as a result of being diagnosed with a terrible disease and there being a lack of options for patients to be able to live a healthy life. It is rare in medicine to find an option that will not alter a person's life in any way whether it be significant or not. I would just be involved in being able to help patients take control of their lives. The field of medicine has been good for treating patients. I would love to help prevent and cure patients from having to present themselves in a hospital in the first place. That is why I want to become a pathologist and specialize in microbiology. I do not want to just treat patients, I wan to walk the extra step to ensure the patient's health. 

These past two days have simply been extraordinary. I had the pleasure of learning the different chambers of the heart, was introduced to different heart diseases and abnormalities, was also informed of all of the different forms of treatment, and was even able to see my first fake patient in a simulation room. I had the pleasure of  working with my first fake patient and having the wonderful opportunity to look at my patient's heart. My excitement will move onward in the Operating Room tomorrow, and of course, for the rest of VSA.

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