Monday, July 18, 2016

Hello Mom!... Goodbye.. Again..

I got an extra hour of sleep, how wonderful. Instead of sleeping for nearly seven hours, I slept for nearly eight. How exiting. I was even more exited because today was the day that chaperones and parents could check out their kids and take them outside of the Vandy campus for a couple of hours. I was delighted to see Mom after an entire week of not seeing her. I was the first one to meet with my fellow cohort in the lobby. We waited a good amount of time to leave the Hank Ingram Commons, I'd say probably 20-30 minutes. We signed out, and left as soon as we were given permission to. Mom took us to Pancake Pantry and we all had a great breakfast, much more than I expected.

After Pancake Pantry it was time for us to go back to our dorms and say bye to Mom. Until then Mom... See you Lighter!!

After getting back, we were taken to lunch. My cohort and I decided not to because we had just eaten. We decided to just sit at the tables and chat our time away. After lunch, we had loads of free time, which I used to fit in to completely organize my closet and clean my room. I eventually wen tout with my cohort and friends and that was when we decided to get a Popsicle and go to CVS to grab some greatly needed materials to wash our clothes. After all of that business, it was time for all of the VSA members to split up and to go to the places that we had signed up to go on for field trip. My cohort members and I decided to go to the Art Museum. I had such a wonderful time at the museum because they had a section where we could be creative and make our own artwork and whatnot. The whole museum in general was amazing and was great in relieving stress. Our time went by quickly and we were soon taken back to the cafeteria for dinner. After dinner, we had a load of time to do what ever we wanted. I took the time to be with my cohort and friends and enjoy aa couple of hours joking around until we were sent off to bed.

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