Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Atlanding on the 6th

Our wonderful selfie in the rental car
Wait, I'm leaving? That thought had not struck to me until my dad was putting my suitcases in the car. Even then, I still couldn't believe it. There was so much worry in my mom's eyes that it started to stress me out. My mother gave me a tight hug, and so did the rest of my family as I stepped into the shuttle. The worrying turned into excitement the minute the shuttle's wheels started turning.

At the airport, Jae-An, Edward, and I were luckily pre-TSA approved, so things were supposed to go much quicker. Instead, I forgot to empty out my water bottle and I had to go through the entire process again after emptying it.

Once we arrived in Atlanta, by surviving through the freezing airplane, I immediately regretted
The sandwich store
wearing my thick sweats and jacket. Luckily, I didn't have to deal with the stickiness for too long since we quickly got into the rental car and drove to the Emory Conference Center Hotel to drop off our bags. We then walked to eat at Which Wich, a nice sandwich shop with a lot of variety. I was so hungry that I decided to get a medium, full, vegetarian sandwich. However, the cashier told me that I should probably get a small because I wouldn't be able to eat a medium. 

I ended up getting a medium and finishing it, with a whole big cup of water! Mom, aka Ms.Thomas, took us on a walk to a park after, so we could digest our food. We all decided to take a shortcut on a dirt path through a jungle. (It was really safe though, don't worry.) Jae-an decided to stop every so often and pose like a Victoria Secret's model throughout the entire trip. When we finally got to the end of the mini rainforest, we found an area that was completely gated, so we had to walk back uphill. Unfortunately, through all this, I was still wearing my thick sweats and the weather had gotten very hot and humid. 

We all came back to the hotel hot and sweaty, and so we decided to play in the pool for an hour. The four of us became little kids again and played games like Marco Polo, and then became sophisticated adults as we sat in the jacuzzi. We had some interesting conversations to match our sophisticatedness while in the jacuzzi. 

To end our day, we had dinner at the hotel's restaurant, and I ate some veggie ravioli. They had the most amazing, heavenly water, that was flavored with mint, lime, and cucumbers. But the water was not even close to as amazing as this day has been :D If this is the first day of the program, then I can't wait for the rest of this to unfold.
The heavenly amazing water

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