Friday, July 15, 2016

I Got to Shadow Dr. Miller Today!!

Today was filled like all other days since we have every single minute of the day planned. I went to class like usual, but a bit more business casual since this was the day I was to shadow a doctor for the first time.

Instead of going straight to class, my assigned group went into the Vanderbilt Hospital to start shadowing our doctor. My partner and I shadowed Mr. Miller, a professional in the field of internal medicine, most specifically pediatrics. Before heading off to shadow Dr. Miller, I sat in a small waiting room. I waited almost an hour before a patient showed up. For security and confidentiality reasons I will not disclose anything that occurred while I shadowed Dr. Miller, but I will say that I left the Vanderbilt Hospital much more knowledgeable on a career on internal medicine, especially pediatrics. I now am aware of the steps and the precautions the doctor must take to make th patient feel comfortable. I also got to experience the beautiful relationship between a doctor an dhis or her patient. The whole shadowing experience was simply wonderful

 After shadowing that day, I went to spoken word and started a new exercise in poetry. But instead, we decided to listen to creepy pasts and the horrid " Russian Sleeping Experiment". It was quite interesting but a bit too gruesome for my taste.

After, I sat with Jae-An, Jahnvi and Nakhul as usual and made plans for another day of soft night. We decided to go to a local ice cream shop called "Jenny's" and then came back to the Hank Ingram Commons and went to the basement to listen to Jae-An play beautifully on the piano.

After, i went back to my floor around 10:30 PM and had my proctor group meeting in which we discussed our "Rose, Bud, and Thorn" of the day.

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