Saturday, July 30, 2016

Tears and Goodbyes

I'm leaving. It had just struck me. I got up from my bed and sat up and just thought. I thought of all
Our last breakfast :'(
the people I might not ever see again but had so many memories with. But then I fixed myself and optimistically thought about the few more hours we still had together. I finished packing, and went out for the last breakfast. I brought my termbook with me, and asked anyone left to sign it. After that, we had a few minutes outside the Commons to give everyone hugs for the last time and sign more termbooks. With the few minutes left, it got very stressful and sad.

We all climbed up to our rooms and were forced to stay on our floors. We spent a few more hours together and then one by one we all began to leave. There were many tears and hugs. Suddenly, Caroline, our RA said that Mom was downstairs and I had to leave. I gave hugs to everyone, and was about to cry. I collected myself and carried all my bags to the elevator. Downstairs, I met with the rest of my cohort and a few more of my friends, to who I gave more hugs. 

We rushed to the airport and ate a Starbucks sandwich there. Soon, it was time to get on the one hour flight to Atlanta. I was between Edward and Mom, so I couldn't find any strangers to talk to.

Group hug full of love
Our flight had been greatly delayed so we had to run to the next flight so that we weren't late. There, Jackie, Jae-An, and I sat in one row. Since it was the last few hours, we decided to not fall asleep and talk the entire time. And that's exactly why we didn't start any of our work on the plane. 

After we landed, there was some confusion on baggage claims. In this confusion, we met an elderly couple, and the husband was actually a Vanderbilt alumni! Sadly, I couldn't take a picture with him because of the rush, but it was really cool meeting him. 

After reaching ECHS, the four of us tried to make a plan to go to the movies together, but it was unsuccessful. After giving emotional goodbye hugs, we left to go home. Everything felt so different, and I can't explain why. All I know is that it is a good different. 

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  1. Did you think I wouldn't notice how you gave a good and rational reason why you all could not work on your blogs and such on the plane ride home? Good for you, Jahnvi.