Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Circuit of Life

Today, I decided to take the risk of waking up 20 minutes later than usual, but I still made to breakfast on time. *A little pat on the back.* To make the day even more different, our class was completely different than normal. Our first half of class, before lunch, involved a lecture from Amanda on circuits. We apparently learned a semester's worth of circuits in three hours. I thought that she did a good job at teaching and I actually understood what was going on. We learned the basics, such as Ohm's Law, where you add all the resistance to find the total resistance, and Kirchoff's Law, where the total volt of the circuit has to be zero. We learned about parallel and series circuits, and then drew out the circuit in our car, which turned out to be surprisingly harder than we thought because the wires were taped together, so it was harder to tell what was going on. 

After lunch, it started to rain, and since our class was far away, we took vans to get there. They didn't want us walking outside while lightning was still around. (By the way, I found out today that
Shelby and I in deep thought (or maybe I was trying to get a gear on)
people in the south call fireflies "lightning bugs." I found that hilarious.) Once we got back to the classroom, we started building a line tracking mouse, for which we had to solder the resistors, transistors, and all these other wires onto the circuit board, and then assemble gear boxes. My partner Shelby and I found it so fun. We were so surprised by the high quality of the soldering iron, and it was so fun to use. Even better, we found out that there is apparently something called a desoldering tool. It was the coolest thing ever, and just sucked up the solder once it was melted! Shelby and I  started fangirling over the magnetic screwdriver next because it was so helpful for screwing in the tiny, microscopic-like screws we used. 

No one was able to finish assembling it, but it was time to go to our arete classes. We did hula today, and then choreographed a story in hula form. Our story involved all of us to be a disease, and we infected the proctor who then died, resurrected, and killed all of us bad germs. 

Jackie, me, and Nakhul, and Jae-An behind the camera at Jeni's
After dinner, we had another soft night, and tonight we finally got to try out the ice cream at Jeni's since the line was short. The ice cream tasted delicious, and I finished every single bite of it. Then, we went back to Hank Ingram, and Jae-An became famous by playing the piano. After that, we all went upstairs, had our usual proctor group meeting, and fell fast asleep.


  1. You learn a lot about circuit .
    Excellent Hula choreography
    Dance is your passion and you are very lucky
    You are dancing over there to

  2. Mast Hai....But instead of Ice Cream...."Baraf ka Gola - Chuski [Crushed Ice Lolly] have it'own taste and it's favorite also...

    Good your learning all about soon u are able to make "Optimus Prime" Gullu's
    favorite robot...
    fireflies "lightning bugs" we call "Jugnu" in India....Good Janu keep going