Monday, July 11, 2016

Goodbye Mom, Hello Vandy

Well, I guess I'll be missing this fine fancy hotel. Jackie and I quickly packed
everything up and hauled our luggage downstairs, where we met up with everyone else. We decided to spend our last breakfast together at a fancy-shmancy place: IHOP. 

After that, we went into Parthenon and took lots of cute pictures there. There were swings every few feet and a street shop that sold huge cotton candy (ones bigger than your torso). We went on inside the Parthenon to see the huge statue of Athena and take even better pictures in there. 

At the Parthenon Entrance
From there, we struggled and sweated out millions of droplets trying to get our luggage to Hank Ingram. We had so many complications along the way, such as getting to the wrong side of the campus, and then not being able to fit all the people and luggage into the cab. Jae-An and Edward decided to walk to the other side instead.

Once inside my room, I met my roommate Olivia. We talked and got to know a little bit about each other before we ran out to meet the rest of our proctor group. We all ate dinner together, having a fun time, and then went out to orientation in the rotunda. There, each house's (there were three: V, S, and A) leaders made their own video to show us, and ended it with a live parody of Shut Up and Dance With Me.

I am in the V House, while the other three are in the S house; this pattern of 3s was seen again in our cohort. We all then played Human Scavenger Hunt where people from our proctor group tried to reach someone first if a statement applied to them. After all that, and a quick proctor group meeting, and realizing that the internet wasn't working on my Linux, I crashed and fell asleep.

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