Friday, July 22, 2016

Can't Forget Leg Day

I'll start off by saying that I am going to smush the happenings of yesterday and today into this one blog. 

Yesterday, we went to Nashville Prosthetics for class. It was the coolest thing ever! Basically, their
Me, foam leg stump of Langston, and Langston
job was to make casts and fill them up to fit the leg stumps, and attach the rest of the prosthetic leg according to that. We saw the process of each and saw how much each machine worked, and how much precision was needed. First, they CAD scanned the leg, then a machine formed a foam block into that specific shape. Carbon filament is put around it, with epoxy resin, and a skin color coat. Everything is drilled down pat, and plastic is melted over it. I had so much fun learning about it, and it was very obvious that the workers have lots of fun working with each other and in doing their job.

Then, we had our usual arete class, soft night, and proctor group meeting. And then....I woke up to a fresh new day. Today in class, we just sat down and worked on our cars as much as we possibly could. However, we all needed to use drills, and there was only one. This greatly slowed down the efficiency of all our work, and we ended up having to modify a toy when there was nothing else to do except wait for the drill. 

CAD Scan of Jae-An's face
After that, sadly, was our last class of self-defense. We ended it by joining stage combat and watching videos of movie fight scenes. Also, if you remember Simon, our PreVU tour guide, from the previous blogs, I saw him today! (For the third time actually.) After dinner, we had an open mic night mixed with trivia, which I joined, and mocktails, which I drank for
Me Dremeling through plastic
the first time. They tasted pretty good. On my team for trivia was Sarah and Taylor from my proctor group, Greg, the guy in my class who looks like John Green, and Clay. We got second place: we lost by one point, but it's alright. And all that ended our excited day on a tired note, and so I shall now crash to sleep.
At soft night: Taylor, Jae-An, me, Nakhul, Lainey,  and Jackie

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