Monday, July 11, 2016

What Are We Doing?

I had so much fun today in my first class. We had lots of ice breakers and we really got connected with our class of adaptive/biomedical engineering. We went outside got in a circle and played a few games to get to know each other. After all the icebreakers we talked about what the scheduled will be like fr the next 3 weeks. I am sooooooo excited that we are going to get o modify toys for little kids with disabilities. I cant want for July 28 because hat is when we go give it to them. tomorrow we get to go to Belmont were the kids are to see what modifications to the car need to be done.

All of us in the class have a group chat so we can bounce ideas, questions, research and stuff to each other because we are pretty diverse, for example, i don't know much about the human anatomy or diseases or hot it an affect someones body. With group chat I can ask the people that are very well versed in that aspect. Our class is 16 people, so we got close really fast


We all kinda decided that I am the photographer of the team so I'll try my best.
We also had a scavenger hunt that involved both real places across campus, but also a virtual game, Pokemon GO

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  1. Toy modifications for kids with disabilities sounds so gratifying. You get to use your gift to give to the community. Have fun and take good photos!