Sunday, July 10, 2016

Check-in Today

Red Velvet
Smokehouse Breakfast
So today we had breakfast at IHOP because the place we were going to go to was was too full and we were to about to wait 2 hours in the heat. Although, in the morning I had a waffle from the hotel up until we ate like at 11:30-12, so yeah that was fun. I had a pink lemonade and a smokehouse breakfast which was pretty good. Oh yeah, I also had red velvet pancakes and those were great.

My Hot Chocolate
I decided that today was the day I made up for forgetting my camera before so I even got hyped up with my hot chocolate.


THAT WAY!!!!!!
We headed to the Parthenon park where I started to go wild with my camera.
We went to the Parthenon and I couldn't believe I saw a rainbow when there was no rain or even clouds. 
We went inside, but honestly, I didn't like it. I found more beauty on the outside of the building than inside. I know the rest of my cohort were in awe, but i wasn't amused,
Cohort with Athena
After this we went to the hotel to pick up luggage and walk to Vanderbilt. We checked in and then had some ice breakers. After which we had dinner and then videos that our proctors made for us.We had a human scavenger hunt and then talked about rules.

Rule Session
Our proctors then gave us all a towel, shirt, and water bottle.

A lot of people then all played One Night Ultimate Werewolf which is a game like Mafia, then sent to bed.

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