Friday, July 22, 2016

Break a Leg

Today was probably the most uneventful day this week, but somehow it was still really fun. This was in contrast to yesterday, where we got to to visit a prosthetic leg workshop, and I took back a fake foam leg (more leg puns ensue). 

Anyhow, in class we did nothing but work on our car projects. Amazingly, my team actually finally accomplished some stuff: we completed the framework and got the wooden parts for the seat and backrest of the car, and came up with a wiring system to allow the potentiometer and battery charger to work even with reverse current, which was phenomenal. Don't be worried if nothing I just said makes any sense. I have trouble understanding most of it too. But I felt very proud of the work and ideas that I contributed.

The other big thing that happened? I performed piano in front of most of VSA. Let me back up a bit: we had an open mic night in the basement, so I randomly decided to sign up. I thought it would be a small crowd, and decided to pull out a piece that I knew a little bit, but didn't have down completely; I actually just went to have it printed out at the office today, and when I told the lady at the desk I was performing tonight, she told me to break a leg, which I found amusing because of yesterday's field trip.

There were a lot of really, really talented people there. I'm not saying that just to be nice. Nearly all the performances, from poems to singing to dancing, were some of the best stuff I had seen from people of the same age group. It also made me incredibly nervous. In the end though, I did just fine. Nothing spectacular, but I didn't fall flat on my face, either.

Things seem to just keep getting better as we go into the third and final week of VSA! I feel like I could live here forever, but sadly, all things must come to an end...Darn, just as I was getting into a stable sleep schedule.,,
*Sorry, no photos today! 

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