Friday, July 15, 2016

Now Watch Me Whip

Wah...I feel so lonely right now. My roommate has vacated the room for today, and gone to visit family, leaving me all by myself in this vast, empty room. Hmm, you don't think he would mind if I borrowed a couple of Oreos, do you?

Today was pretty much similar to the rest of the week, so I'll skip the details. Kinda shows how much we've gotten used to this routine, doesn't it?

A work in progress.
Anyhow, we finally finished our mechanical mouse today (ours was name Lulu), and tested them out. Astoundingly, the mouse that Mohammad and I built was one of three mice that actually worked like it was supposed to, and was able to follow a line of black tape fairly accurately. You cannot imagine the pains and trials we went through to do such a simple task; two of the parts that were supposed to be soldered separately accidentally got connected, so we had to spend nearly an hour scraping away to fix the problem. But in the end, we succeeded! [insert a saying about the relation of trying hard to success here]

A work in completion.
Another thing that happened: I got locked out of my room! Somehow, I left my key in the room and the door accidentally shut. Usually I would have knocked and had Jiayu let me in, but if you remember, he was not here today. The perfect setup for the perfect blunder. I ended up having to ask one of the proctors to open up my dorm for me, much to my horrified embarrassment. Now there's a lesson learned.

Finally, we had a dance as a night activity; something I had not been looking forward to since the day we arrived. They told us to wear something that was casual but looked good, so I just ended up wearing a dress shirt, pajamas, and sandals. Classy, I know. The dance started off incredibly awkwardly, since people were reluctant to get loose and just enjoy themselves, myself included. But eventually people got more comfortable and started dancing instead of just standing around, which I think definitely made the event more enjoyable. As for me, I ended up dancing as well...let's just say that I sprinkled in some rather unusual moves, shall we?

Tomorrow marks the seventh day that we've been here, celebrated by an extra hour of precious sleep. I can't wait to see what lies in store for us! 

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