Monday, July 25, 2016

Today was Delightful...

My Sunday started with going to eat breakfast with Mom. It was wonderful to see Mom after an entire week of not seeing her. We sat at our breakfast table, eating the most important meal of the day, and catching up on a week's worth of adventure. It was great until we had to say goodbye once more.

We went back to our dorms, skipped breakfast because we had already eaten, and then we all went to the mall. I dislike malls, so I spent two hours and a half walking and talking with my cohort members and friends. After that time ended, we went back to the Vandy campus and had hours of free time before and after dinner, 

After dinner, Jahnvi, Jae-An, and I decided to enjoy the marvelous 2 hour and 22 minute long film "The Great Gatsby" before being ushered to our rooms to go to bed. Today, just like last Sunday was calm, yet was quite delightful. 

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  1. Sometimes you need to just step back and take a break.