Sunday, July 10, 2016

Is That a Bird? A Plane? Wait... No, It's Batman.

Today was not like the others. We had absolutely no plans. Today was a free day. Yesterday, we had discussed potential places for us to visit, but unfortunately did not agree on any places to go to. We had met to continue brainstorming. After a brief conversation, we decided to go sightseeing throughout Nashville. But before heading off, we went to Vanderbilt University to take a nice picture.
As the rebels we all are, we decided to climb on top of the Vanderbilt sign and pose for the pictures. 

We left to downtown Nashville afterwards. I initially thought I was not going to like Vanderbilt because I thought it was just for people interested in country music. Like many other things, I was completely wrong. Nashville is beautiful and has plenty of stuff to do, although not for all ages. That was the major problem of the day. We had very little options since we were under the age of 21.

Anyhow, the tour was 45 minutes away, so as a group we decided to walk around and went into the Hard Rock Cafe and a boot store. It was quite fun because as we walked to these locations, we saw college students having fun and got to see Jae-An wear a dress. What a marvelous day.

When it got to sightseeing, we boarded the bus, went to the top and sat down. Goodness were those seats hot. They were hot enough to cook an egg on them. We soon got used to the burning heat of the seats and enjoyed the hour and a half long ride.

Throughout the tour of Nashville we got to see a load of buildings, historic landmarks, restaurants, famous venues, and parks. It was all breathtaking and lovely to watch. But to be clear, it was kind of exhausting. I tried my best to continue looking beyond the seats of the bus, but unfortunately, my eyes kept on trying to close without my permission.

We eventually got of the bus and took a picture in front of a large angel wings painted on black wall canvass. After we posed for the camera and took nearly 100 pictures, we went to eat Ramen and then went back to the hotel for a swim in the sun.

Today was a lot of fun, although we did not do much. We enjoyed the company of each other and made the best of everything.
This speaks to me on so many levels.

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