Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Early, Anxious and Picture Perfect

The school board meeting was to be held in the cafeteria in Lovonya Dejean Middle School at 6:30 PM on May 25th. 

I was among the first to arrive the location and waited with ILC member Diana Ramirez until everybody began to arrive. Once everybody did arrive, we gathered around Don while he explained what was to occur for our segment of the school board meeting and what we were suppose to do. 

This day was the day that we were to present ourselves in front of the school board members and thank them for their generosity in helping fund our summer programs in the Ivy League schools. 

A beautiful picture taken by my great mentor, Shasa Curl.
After Don finished speaking to the ILCers and Chaperons, we were seated with our cohort and our school banner. I sat up front and took pictures with my cohort and chaperon until it was announced that the school board meeting was going to start.

The meeting began and the IVY League Connection was to go up and present to the School Board first. I became nervous as all of the other cohorts and chaperons stood and presented. I felt myself begin to shake and felt a rush of anxiety fill my brain. I don't know whether it was that we were to stand in front of the School Board members or whether it was that this meeting was to be televised, maybe it was a mixture of both. But like all other instances where I felt nervous, all ended up working well. 

We were asked to stand, and stood we did.
My group went up and I heard people scream and cheer as our names were announced along with the programs we were to take in Vanderbilt this summer. My groups chaperon introduced us and announced the places that we were to visit before our programs start. Ms. Thomas announced that we were to visit Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and Columbia University located in Manhattan, New York. I was ecstatic once it was announced that we were going to visit these universities. I have never traveled farther east than the border between California and Nevada. Getting to visit and stay in Vanderbilt University located in Nashville Tennessee is beyond wonderful. With these news, I am looking forward to my summer even more.

After this, cohort member Edward Hernandez went up and thanked the school board members for the amazing opportunity that is The IVY League Connection.

After all groups presented, Don quickly directed us outside where we were suppose to take a group picture with our parents, Chaperons and ILCers. Don took a couple dozen pictures to make sure that there were a few perfect ones . We sat outside for what seemed and eternity in a very uncomfortable position and tried to look presentable with the wind blowing our hair across our faces.

Once Don finished taking the group pictures, we all scattered about and split into smaller groups to take even more pictures. This day was fun and could have not gone any better. Well, the only thing that could have been improved was the sea of angry dressed in blue shirts. Once the ILC group left, we left the anarchy between the school board and the people.

A group picture with the Ivy League Connection family.

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